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Locate Fire Departments

Whether you’re looking to become a professional firefighter or a volunteer firefighter, finding the appropriate fire department will be one of the first steps to take. There are thousands of fire departments in the United States, which can be either publicly or privately held. A fire department is usually assigned to to a certain region (county, city etc.), and the same region can have more than one fire department.

Each fire department will operate one ore more fire stations. The majority of departments will operate only one station; many operate two or three, and some of the bigger ones operate 6 or more. Some fire stations will only hire professional firefighters for whom fighting fires and rescuing people is a full-time job; other stations will gladly hire volunteer firefighters as well, who work for minimal or no wage at all. Most fire stations, however, will hire a combination of both.

Please be aware that not all fire personel are firefighters who respond to 911 calls and directly participate in solving an emergency situation. Fire departments employ people for various jobs, including: accepting calls, maintenance work, on-scene support, people with strict EMT/Paramedic duties – in addition of course to the “classic” firefighter.

Some fire departments will require that anyone hired by them or volunteering for them should be an official resident of the region where the department operates; other departments will have no such requirements. This means that depending on where you live, it might be the case that you can either apply to one fire department only, or it could be possible to apply at two or more different departments. The best thing to do is to check all the departments located in your region as well as other, adjacent and easily accessible regions, and figure out how many different departments you can apply to – this will significantly increase your odds of becoming a firefighter.

Locating Fire Departments In The United States

Locate any fire department – browse by state using these Fire Department Listings. This list will help you find any fire department by state or county, and will also provide you with different information regarding each department, including:

  • Exact address and contact details
  • Whether they accept only volunteer firefighters, only professional firefighters, or both.
  • The number of stations they operate.
  • Whether they are privately or publically owned.
  • Total number of paid volunteers and non-volunteers

We hope that the information above will help you in your journey towards becoming a professional fireman.

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