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How Hard Is It To Become a Firefighter?

So you’re wondering how hard is it to become a firefighter? The answer depends: are you actually passionate about a firefighters career? Or is it just something you’d like to do to earn some good money?

NOTE: There is no clear-cut road to becoming a firefighter, nor a “minimum required prior training.” The fire department will hire those who seem most desirable to them, so the more training and knowledge you have before applying, the better your chances are. Many applicants nowadays have 2-year degrees in fire science or a similar field.

Truth is, it’s relatively hard to become a firefighter if you compare it to other civil services. In the grand scheme of things though, joining the fire service is quite easy, but only if it’s something you feel will be truly enjoyable for you. There’s quite a lot of learning and training involved, a lot of physical training to go through so you can achieve good body conditioning, and also a lot of work to do to keep yourself updated on all the recent developments in the fire service world.

So How Hard Is It Exactly To Become a Firefighter?

No one can answer this question for you. The best way to figure out how difficult it is to become a firefighter is to go through a few of hour guides written for those who want to join the fire service, and determine for yourself how acceptable the requirements and work involved is. Please read:

  • How to become a firefighter
  • Firefighter job description
  • Requirements to be a firefighter

There’s a decent amount of reading involved (around 7 pages worth), however if going through it sounds like too much work for you, then it’s safe to assume that it will be hard for you to become a fireman.

Who is the ideal candidate for a firefighting job?

The ideal candidate, and hence the person who will find it easiest to become a firefighter, is someone who meets the following criteria:

    • Enjoys helping others and is not afraid to risk his own life to do so.
    • Is in great physical shape, especially endurance-wise.
    • Is exceptionally stable mentally, capable of “sorting bad things out” in his own head without letting them get the better of him/her and without lashing out on other people when something bad happens.
    • Is very capable of working in a team.
    • Can make difficult, “life and death” decisions on the spot and in highly stressful environments.
    • Is not claustrophobic and does not suffer from fear of heights.
    • Is capable of carrying out tasks in a systematic, methodological way, without letting emotions influence decisions made.
    • Is capable of following instructions and is devoted to learning as much as possible about the job

The above, combined with true passion for firefighting, will almost guarantee you a relatively easy entry to the world of firefighting, assuming you don’t give up very easily.

Who Will Find it Hard To Become a Firefighter

Anyone who is who thinks of firefighting as simply another career, just to earn some money and then move on to something else, and people who are not willing to make personal sacrifices for the sake of helping others, will find it hard to become a firefighter, if not downright impossible. This is an industry populated mostly by very passionate people, so if you are anything less than that you’ll find your competition impossible to overcome during the hiring process – they will just outclass you in every way.

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