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My name is Tony, and I’ve been a volunteer firefighter in New York City since 2007. While I do not have experience as a professional firefighter, I’d like to believe that I know a lot about the subject as I’ve talked with countless firefighters over the years, seen the recruitment process commence from start to finish, and spoken to tons of fire chiefs and department staff. I’m proud to say that I’ve helped a decently large number of people become professional firefighters, and I figured if I can do it in my own social circle, then why not try and do the same thing online through a website?

What you will find here is a round-up of everything I know about firefighting – both volunteer and professional. Whether it has to do with becoming a firefighter in general, becoming one in a specific state, the requirements for becoming a fireman, average salaries nationwide, successfully passing the CPAT or simply locating fire departments to apply at,  I do my best to provide as comprehensive an amount of information as humanly possible, without much, if any, fluff talk.

One article I’m particularly proud of is my firefighter duties compendium, which is a list of more than 150 things a firefighter should expect to do as part of his or her job. You’ll find the list has been broken down into categories and sub-categories to cover the various aspects of being both a volunteer or professional firefighter – give it a read and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what you might learn there.

Be sure check back regularly as I have big plans for this website. My goal is to make it the most comprehensive guide on the internet for those who’d like to become firefighters in the USA, regardless of the state they are located in and regardless of their prior experiences in the fire service.

I hope you’ll find the information I make available here useful. If you’d like to contact me, have a chat or just ask a question about becoming a firefighter, there are two ways you can reach me quickly:

  • Using the contact form
  • By leaving a comment on any page located at this website

I’m somewhat of a geek when it comes to the internet, so you can expect to receive a reply from me the same day you get in touch.

Thank you for dropping by and I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here and benefit from the information and guides provided.


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